Is renting a bike better than owning?

Every bike rider thinks about this once in his life, ‘should I rent or buy?’ Some people think renting is like throwing away the money and some people think renting is a pretty great deal.

Apart from having freedom and flexibility while renting a bike, there are other advantages one can look at:

  • You will save a lot of bucks!

Did you know that renting a bike starts from as low as ₹12 per hour? Now imagine the fancy bike which you wanted to ride since a long time can cost up to ₹300 per hour. Now that’s cool!

  • Variety is the spice of life

No matter how many bikes you have tested in your life, there will be always a new bike which you will feel like trying out. Renting gives you freedom of riding the new bikes.

  • Convenient Pick up

How convenient it is to have the rental bike at your doorstep? Bike rental companies have convenient pick up and drop locations.

  • No major money required

Buying your own bike is a very good feeling. But when you run low on investment it is ideal to rent a bike with zero-cash deposit options.

  • Zero Maintenance cost

Well, maintenance cost is not your headache while renting. You can travel tension and hassle free.

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