Preparation for the first time long ride

Planning a road trip alone or with a group of friends is very exciting. Whether it is a short ride or a long one, there are few preparations which need to be done. Riding a bike in a city on a regular basis is a different thing compared to a road trip. So if you are planning your first trip, there are many safety things as well as comfort things which you need to know. The best thing about riding is that you will learn a lot from the fellow riders but here are few things which will prepare you for your first long ride

1)    Check your motorcycle

Get your motorcycle checked with a mechanic and get the necessary repairs done. After that take your motorcycle for a spin to make sure the repairs are fine. Also, don’t forget to pack tool kit with you.

2)    Pack light

There are different types of luggage bags which are available in the market. The saddle bag is one of the commonly used accessories for storing luggage. Carry only essential stuff and things which can be disposed of easily. Also, instead of folding clothes try and roll it.

3)    Fix the route

Before starting the ride, map out your route. Use google maps, since they are convenient to use compared to a paper map. When there is a confusion ask locals.

4)    Eat healthy and be hydrated

Never go thirsty on a ride, always keep a small bottle of water with you on the road. Drink plenty of water on the road and eat juicy fruits. Avoid eating junk and oily food as it can cause drowsiness.

5)    Protection against weather conditions

Since you know the location of your trip you probably know the weather conditions you will be facing. Be prepared for it in advance, never take rains, heat or cold for granted.

6)    Plan your pitstops

Don’t stop too frequently or don’t completely forget to take a break. Keep an eye on the motorcycle’s fluid level. Stop when it is essential and hydrate yourself.

If you follow the basic safety measures along with these tips your trip will definitely be less stressful. Happy Riding!

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