Must-have motorcycle accessories

We know how a rider is obsessed with his prize possession, the motorcycle. Accessorizing the ride means to choose best thing possible here’s are few must-have accessories:

  1. Motorcycle body cover:

You think it’s just a plastic body cover? Think about the direct sunlight, water, pain drops, bird droppings, cats and dogs, theft and much more from which this body cover protects your motorcycle.

  1. Tools

The names say it all. It is good to have some basic tools which will help you in case of emergency. These tools also let you understand the wear and tear of your ride better. Usually, the tool sets include wrench set and other hand tools.

  1. Tyre gauge

Not many keep this tiny little thing but it is a great accessory to have with you when you are on a road trip. It helps you keep a check on motorcycle’s tyre pressure. As you know the proper tyre pressure can improve braking, fuel efficiency and reduces tyre wear.

  1. Tank pads:

It is very difficult to keep the tank scratch less because of all those buttons and zipper marks while getting on it. Tank pads may be the ideal solution for this. Something is so irresistible about the scratch less tank, isn’t it?

  1. Crash Guards

Nobody likes to think about crashes but hitting the front brakes while taking a U-turn, especially when you have luggage can be a bit troublesome.  It is ideal to have crash guards to minimise the damage to the tank. Go for good quality ones as they are built to take an impact.

  1. Mobile holders

This is ideal if you go on road-trips frequently. Nobody uses a paper map these days when you have google maps with you on your smartphone. Once the mobile holder is mounted to your motorcycle the navigation becomes easier. Also, it helps in case of emergency calls.

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