Affordable places to visit for broke college students

Being in college means you get a lot of time to do things during vacations and long weekends. And the thirst for exploring the new places is at peak. At the same time money is a huge constraint. Take a chill pill and check out these places which you can explore on shoestring budget.


If mountains are what you love, Kasol will be your happy place. If you stay in the northern part of the country, the traveling cost will be minimal. Also, to reach Kasol you will have to trek, so there is no direct roadway as such. The cottages and hotels are super cheap here plus the food is delicious and reasonable. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and abundant natural beauty.


Cheap booze, affordable stay, and pristine beaches, what else do you wish for when you are with your friends? Pondicherry is mesmerizing in its own way. The French architecture is something worth exploring here. You can rent bicycles here to save travel cost.


This rich looking lake city is simply beautiful and budget-friendly. You will find many guest houses in Udaipur with ₹500 per day charge. Also, if you are looking for some more fun, go ahead and stay in a hostel. The street food here is cheap and mind-blowing. When in Udaipur, do try ‘pyaas kachori’.


Many people think Gokarna is like Goa but expensive. It’s not true! Gokarna is serene and quite untouched. There are a couple of beaches where you can stay in the shacks and enjoy the beautiful ocean views. Or you can stay near the main beach which is close by to the market and temple area. The food is simple, mouth-watering and reasonable.


If you want to save and indulge in some water sports, you can visit this pretty hill station. This beauty is what most of you will wish for when on budget travel. The food very is cheap, the street shopping is amazingly cheap and the plus point is that you can access all the major things by walking.

Inform your gang, count your pocket money and pack your bags!

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