9 lesser known facts about Ladakh

We all know Ladakh is a famous tourist spot for Indian as well as international bikers and explorers. Apart from the largest Motorable road, Ladakh has much other lesser known specifics. Here are the 9 facts which you may or may not know:

1) The highest bridge in the world

Build in 1982 by the Indian army, the Bailey bridge is 30 meters long between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan Mountains.

2) Highest settlement in India

The ultimate perimeter of cultivation is at Korzok, Leh. Located on the Tso-Morori Lake, at 4,600 meters are widely considered to be the highest fields in the world.

3) The Mystical Magnetic Hill

Located near Leh, the magnetic hill is also known as the ‘Gravity Hill’. It is situated at the height of 11,000 feet above sea level.

4) The rare two-humped camel

Ladakh is the only place in India, where you will find two humped camels, they are also known as a Bactrian camel. These camels are the main attractions at the Nubra valley.

5) One of the highest salt water lakes in world

The Pangong Lake is situated at the height of 4,350 m. Pangong Tso means ‘High Grassland Lake’ in the Tibetan language.

6) Home to variety of species

Ladakh is a dry area, despite there are 225 species of birds found here. Some of them are robins, finches and hoopoe.

7) The Astronomy centre

Did you know due to the high altitude and clear skies, this region is also a popular astronomy centre?

8) Land of festivals

Ladakh is not only known for its adventures but also for the various festivals celebrated here. Hemis festival, Losar festival, Ladakh festival, Tak tok festival and Sindhu Darshan festival are some of the major ones.

9) The feminist Kung-fu Nuns

In Drukpa nunnery, you will find ladies under the age of 25 practicing the art of kung-fu. This place encourages the nuns to study further and seek the enlightenment at par with the monks.

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