5 offbeat destinations to explore from Mumbai

Lonar Carter

If Sci-fi stuff tickles your brain, the Lonar Lake is totally worth exploring. This lake was created 52,000 years ago when the meteor crashed in Maharashtra. Apart from exploring this mystery lake, there are few treks and temples which you can visit. You can explore this destination in 3-4 days including the travel time.

Distance: 485 km from Mumbai


10 hours by road.


If you are looking for a quick escape to a hill station, Jawhar would be ideal. There are few waterfalls and a sunset point for sightseeing. You can also see some beautiful Warli paintings here.

Distance: 140 km from Mumbai


3 hours by road.

Harihareshwar beach

This is a paradise for all the beach bums. Since you know most of the beaches in Maharashtra are filled with tourists, this quiet beach would be a great escape.

Distance: 200 km from Mumbai


4 hours 30 min by road.


Amboli is a relaxing getaway and one of the unexplored destinations. There are many beautiful waterfalls to discover along with the Hiranya Keshi temple and sunset point. You can even opt for Amboli jungle trek.

Distance: 489 km from Mumbai


Around 8 hours from Mumbai by road.


Tarkarli beach and the city is one of the tourist attractions in Maharashtra. Yet it is unspoiled and delightful to explore for a couple of days. You can enjoy the local seafood and water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling and explore the colorful corals.

Distance: 534 km from Mumbai.


Around 10 hours from Mumbai by road.

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